Stewardship Committee

Stwearship logoMinistry Mission / Purpose

As God’s servants, the Stewardship Committee’s vocation is to help the people, ministries and organizations of St. Patrick’s Parish discover, develop and sustain the gift of Christian Stewardship as the way of life.


Ministry Objectives

       The Stewardship Committee’s primary role is to promote Catholic Stewardship in our parish.  We will promote Stewardship: first, through example as servants to our parish, second, by speaking to and helping parishioners discover the gift of Stewardship and third, by helping parishioners discern their gifts and callings.

  •        The Stewardship Committee’s secondary role is to assist and serve the pastor, ministries and organizations to build strong administrations in their efforts to meet the pastoral and temporal needs of St Patrick’s Parish.  Using our spiritual and organizational skills (gifts), the Stewardship Committee will provide organizational (governance) advice as well as administrative assistance (facilitation, documentation, planning, etc.), as requested by the pastor, ministries, and organizations of the Parish.
  •       The Committee will strive to become a knowledgeable resource for the Parish on the subject of Catholic Stewardship.  We recognize the need for continuous faith development and discovery of what Catholic Stewardship means.
  •        We understand that stewardship is a gift from God, a way of life and that Catholic Stewardship must be an integral part of the Parish as a whole, and in each ministry, organization and parishioner.  We recognize that each parishioner, ministry and parish organization must define Stewardship for themselves.
  •        As Stewardship Committee members, we are called to reflect prayerfully, act constructively and be respectful towards others as we jointly strive to the fulfilment of our ministry’s objectives.  In our association with other parish ministries and organization, we will encourage spirituality, fellowship and happiness.   We do this through our faith, prayer, positive reinforcement, and optimism.
  •        The teachings of the Catholic Church shall be our primary rule of order and our Parish Pastor shall be responsible for overall governance of the Stewardship Committee.

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Presenter – Father Micheal Sweeney, OP, Co-Director, Catherine of Siena Institute


Date: October 22, 2018 - October 24, 2018






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When does the Stewardship Committee meet / do works?

The Stewardship Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM 

  • It also meets on the occasional third Thursday when necessary for program work or ministry-specific initiatives.

Where does the Stewardship Committee meet / do works?

The Stewardship Committee’s monthly meetings are held in the Parish meeting rooms.

  • Ministry or activity-specific support is usually provided at the organization’s venue.

Stewardship Committee members’ criteria

  • Registered St Patrick’s parishioner
  • Completed and signed Volunteer Information Form (VIF) – Low-Risk
  • Signed and dated ‘Agreement to the Model Code of Conduct (AMCC)
  • Interview by Stewardship Committee

Member Orientation and Training

  • Stewardship Program basic elements introduction and current program activity (as necessary)

Member Commitment

  • Monthly meetings, occasional additional meetings, program and project work.